Friday, August 15, 2008

Technology and everyday living

The impact of technology and the new web environment has been brought home to me in the last week or so. The web has been an important tool in keeping family informed.
My elderly parents have bought a new home - yes a smaller no maintenance unit. We have family in Invercargill and family in England and Ireland it was so easy to keep them all informed of the changes ahead. I was able to direct everyone to the real estate agents web site and they all took the tour. I downloaded the photos so that I could print them out for the parents to help them visualise the placement of their furniture in the new home. I emailed the cousins in England with the photos so that they could show them to my father's sister - 90yrs old. I went on line to the NSCC and asked for the property files. We researched current properties for sale and then the last years sales in the area before we started negotiations. I found a supply of moving boxes on Trade me for a BARGAIN of course. I have taken photos of the old home before we started the packing process and will continue to document the journey for prosperity.
I will also be using the tool on the Post office site to notify agencies of the new address.
It has been so effortless to manage. The speed and ease with which information is available has astounded my father (85). So much so he is now thinking of getting a laptop to explore new frontiers in his no maintenance home. Mother (89) will continue to read!

Playing with the tools

I had a good look around the Flickr tools - I couldn't see the point of creating a Librarian trading card, I guess I'm not into playing around for fun. I did discover a good tool to create a jigsaw puzzle from your photos - you can even order to buy a real one created from your photos. I have created one from our holiday in Nelson Lakes late May. However the link didn't save for you all to see it.

The other tool I was interested in was the Map maker - a good tool to plot the son's overseas trip while I am at home looking at photos and dreaming.

The trip planner would be the tool I would use to plan a trip and then post my photos

Flickr explorations

I found this photo to illustrate the Whirinaki Forest . My thanks to geozilla for capturing the essence of this wonderful forest.

I chose to only place a link here. I didn't wish to create yet another email account. I am managing three already.
The amount of photos avail on Flickr is amazing - great that so many people wish to share these rather than keep them private.

I use Google's Picasa to edit, organise and publish my pictures. I haven't created any albums yet to share on line.
The major benefit I can see is the off site storage for photos - having had 2 computer crashes in the last year I guess to store precious photos in the ether may be a safer option