Sunday, September 21, 2008

Delicious stuff

Social networking & tagging- I find myself not a very social person as I can't be bothered looking at others bookmarks. Not enough time I think to be nosey. However I went exploring on Technorati and Delicious. I spent an hour just looking, not finding much of interest I must say. I then left it for a day to mull over how I could use Delicious in a personal sense and also at work.
I had found a post on Delicious on how someone had decided to use Delicious as their on-line recipe book. Accessible from any computer at any time, all your favourite recipes gathered together. I could see this as a good option. I then signed up for Delicious. I used another username!! How will I keep a track of all these. I think at the end of this journey I will consolidate all the learning and decide which tools I will continue to use. It was easy and straightforward. Buttons are now on my login. I then went searching for pumpkin recipes. I bookmarked 3 and added relevant tags. (Pumpkin and potato curry sounded great).

I think I will be able to use this tool - the ready access from any computer beats just having all your favourite sites on the home computer. Tagging the entries makes the searching and sorting of bookmarks very easy to find.

I can see myself using it also at work - we all have the favourite sites that we have bookmarked - how great to be able to access these from a login anywhere rather than trying to find the site again on a google search.

Now off to try the pumpkin curry recipe I think

NB: I also tagged this entry

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