Monday, October 5, 2009

Exercise 21 - My space and Facebook

I created a facebook account last year. Haven't used it. Have received invites from OTHERS to also join their facebooks - wouldn't know them from Martha. Social networking I guess is just not my scene. I have since been invited to join my son's facebook - probably because I was always asking where the photos are as he is travelling. I do feel uncomfortable about reading his entries as he probably doesn't want his MUM knowing everything he is up to. At his stage will probably withdraw from his site to respect his personal space. I presume I can withdraw my Friendship!!

Having looked at the 3 sites - Bebo, My space and facebook my impression is it is all about FRIENDS - is the world so obsessed with being friends - sound like teenage angst. Can all this be sustained in the future. So many of the participants are self centred. I noted that Facebook has an age policy of 13 years - so many of our library children are on facebook so there are ways of bypassing the security.
I investigated the Auckland and Rotorua Library Bebo sites. The comments on the Auckland site were all at least 50 days old - Not too current - wondered if they were just doing the 23 things exercises. Rotorua's was more vibrant but I got a sense of the trivial from both sites.

Interestingly when I found the home page for Facebook There is very little information on the page. You have to sign in first. FREE in big letters but you have to give your details first in order to proceed within the site.

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