Saturday, September 12, 2009

Library Thing Exercise 14

Well I created a list of 5 titles. Very easy to use. 2 of my titles were books published in the 1960's. All details were found. Very easy to edit and tag.

Can think this would be of value in many ways. If I wanted to catalogue my library, but why I ask. Of greater value I should think would be to share a resource. I have been in many groups - playcentres, church groups that have small libraries. Using Library Thing would capture all the titles available to members and also enable the organiser to track just what is in the library. A lot easier than writing them down in the little black book.

Would also be useful to track the titles read over time, put reviews or impressions. Not a good sorter though. Would have to rely on the tags to refind the entries. Would want to be able to sort by date placed or author/title. OOPS - just found the up and down arrows that do sort the entries. Can sort by a wide range of options.
Overall most impressed. See gadget at bottom of blog

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