Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rollyo - Exercise 15

Rollyo - sounds like those yummy chocolates

Well - this seems a very good idea - so how to put it into practice.

I tried to open the sites given in the exercises to check it out - it seems that my son has used up all my broadband for the month - very very slow to load. The free photos example came back with the following message The link you came here on appears to be from a 'link spammer' trying to promote their site through Rollyo. OOPS

Not to be put off I launched straight into exploring the Rollyo site.

I created a roll New Book & Reviews. I entered 5 sites. I then went back and looked for the keywords girl dragon tattoo. A list of the reviews on the sites came up - Great. It brought up the reviews from all my sites. I then noticed that at the bottom of my list the whole web was also searched. Went into edit to see if I could remove that option. NOPE. However when I scrolled through to the end of my results only my sites were shown and then the option to open up to the web is available. Good - wasn't wanting all the web in my directed searches. Then went back and added shorelibraries and ChCh libraries to the list.

Yes I can see that this tool would be very useful for directed searching. I didn't create another username - so I guess my searchroll is just under the everyman code number. I did manage to put it into my blog though.

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