Sunday, October 11, 2009

#22 - Libraries and SNS ( social networking sites)

The furore over allowing access to the social networking sites from libraries seems to have died down. 2-3 years ago - with concerns expressed over Internet safety - the call was to filter these sites. I am pleased to see that common sense prevailed. Students are now much more aware of Internet dangers, personal security et al. Parents also seem to to have relaxed -perhaps they have investigated the sites and now guide their children in accessing these sites safely.

I do feel that SNS are only one tool in the library communication suite of options. SNS seems to be mainly used by the younger people and these are the difficult patrons to forge a library link with. So Yes lets get with it and have a presence in these sites. However it seems that maintaining this presence is quite time intensive - this being the case future staff funding for these services should be a priority.

But lets not forget all the other library patrons - the traditional methods of communication are important also. A profile in the local newspaper, school visits, community outreach, signage, events...... are just as valid and probably reach more users than a SNS.

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