Sunday, October 11, 2009

Journeys End - 23 things done

Well this journey has ended. What an introduction to so many new technologies and ways of communicating for personal use or library use. Although some of the modules have only been done once over lightly I am now aware of the possibilities avail to everyone and much more confident in helping others find their way.

A very worthwhile journey and I have had positive feedback from staff - who have said that although they didn't find the tasks easy at first - they are pleased they persevered.

My personal favourites have been learning about RSS feed - quite a hard one to get to grips with, and although I have set up feeds, I must admit to not checking these regularly.
Other favourites have been: exploring the ebooks sites, Skype and Waxmail (can see possibilities in these), Google docs and Wikis, Google's Picasa(wonderful) and Library thing for future community collaborative initiatives.

Thanks to the NSL suport team for their help in completing this journey

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NSL Training Support Team said...

Congratulations on making the finish line! It's been a pleasure to follow you on this journey. Thank you for your input - your thoughtful comments and observations in your blog are a great record of that journey.