Monday, October 5, 2009

Execise 19 - Those podcasts

Podcasts - I thought I knew what they were. The word podcast is used to refer to a non-musical audio or video broadcast that is distributed over the Internet. I looked at some of the sites given - Most were of no interest to me. Yahoo audio search is now all full of music. I have used podcasts from our local radio stations - Newstalk and National radio when I know I have missed an interesting discussion, recipe, book review or the last episode of the book reading. I have not subscribed to them as an RSS feed. Probably wouldn't as nothing is that important I feel. I am a person who turns on my mobile when I want to ring out not for others to contact me.

On I did find some interesting Library podcasts. Mostly from University or large American public libraries. The topics covered a wide range of interests - coming events - author talks, how to tutorials. I must admit I found the swirling graphics on the page quite off putting. I think I would prefer watching a video presentation rather than just listening esp on a PC. However I can see possibilities for RSS feeds to just phones or ipods.

I found searching quite frustrating. I chose my genre then tried to narrow the search. Nope - not able to do this. Had to hunt for keywords or by genre.

Couldn't get Podnova to work - unable to download was the message - As I am not willing to load my computer up with unnecessary files I didn't proceed.

Sorry not going to set up another RSS feed as per exercise - not using the Bloglines now for all the other feeds I have subscribed to so unwilling to add more.

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