Saturday, October 3, 2009

Exercise 18 - YouTube

What a wonderful invention this is. Everyone knows about YouTube now, even my elderly father. Most people use it for a comedy fix.
However this weekend I used it for uploads on the Samoa tragedy. Wondering if the actual waves were caught on video - answer is NO. However pictures of the destruction bring home the scale of the tragedy. These videos will be there for all to see for many many years - an archive of a moment in history.

Last year I also used this tool for an unusual library query. A patron came in with a very unusual query. He wanted to know what the flight deck of a certain aircraft looked like. YouTube had a video on that was just what the patron wanted. I have also used the site for how to videos. Knitting stitches, artists singing a particular song....

From another library perspective - yes we should be using this technology on our websites. Library tours, how do use library resources, how to use the OPACs,....... It's uses are seemingly endless - only the will to implement is missing from our library. I did find one video showing the turning of the sod for the new Bhead library.

I will be continuing to use this site for many years.

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