Saturday, October 3, 2009

Exercise 16 - Zoho writer and Google documents

Well I have heard of these tools and now I have explored them - Great. Another way to manage documents collabrately.

Didn't want to create a Zoho account so worked with Google docs. Since I use Google for many things I would probably continue to use the Google tools rather than seting up new accounts.

I have a friend who has discovered Google docs. It has changed the whole family life. As all the kids have left home they keep in touch via the internet. Recently she was asked for the family favourite recipe. Rather than just retyping the whole recipe and sending via the email - she created a google doc - Word. Then she sent it to all the family around the world. They now all have access to a lot of the recipes as she had to keep adding with the kids requests. An on-line recipe book was created and everyone is adding to it. A family collaboration so to speak

I used google docs to create a link to my google docs recipe for pumpkin chilli casserole. Was disapointed in how it loaded to the Blog. Very limtied editing of the style avail in the blog editing. Hope it sent alright to the email recipients. Will check and review this entry later.

From watching the Zoho video - it seems that Zoho would have given a better end product.

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